Frigid Dare Pic


Royal premiered film director Marcus Dillistone, with Glory Film Co. colleague Alina Palimaru, created the art suite Frigid-Dare for ICEHOTEL in November and December 2010. The suite design was based on the notion of sleeping in a fridge.

Working 200km north of the Arctic Circle, in an extreme environment and at temperatures down to -40º was technically demanding. Marcus was supported by leading technical equipment supliers Canada Goose (parkas), Sorel (boots), Accapi (base-layer clothing), and Peli (cases).

For more information contact: marcus@glory.co.uk.

LINK: Marcus' Facebook page.

LINK: BBC TV Six O'Clock News - live VT play-in (fx only/no voice-over)

LINK: ICEHOTEL press release

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Peli Canada Goose Sorel Marcus is working in an extreme environment in partnership with leading suppliers, including Peli (protective cases) Canada Goose (clothing), and Sorel (boots).